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Mahdi Opticals is a family run business, with a strong bias on clinical excellence and fantastic service. We offer high quality products at reasonable prices that are carefully selected to meet the most discerning needs. We take time to know both our new and existing clients and the personalised service is intended to ensure that we can better understand the exact and specific requirements of each case allowing us to provide the best visual solutions.

Here is an opportunity for you to experience something different! It doesn’t matter whether you are an existing customer or new to us, just pop in with your family and friends and get to know us better.


At Mahdi Opticals, we invest in the very latest consulting room and dispensing technology. If you care about your eyes you’ll be re-assured that we don’t rush appointments. We always conduct a very comprehensive eye examination to ensure our patients can make the most of their vision.

Why not contact us today to arrange your eye exam? There are several options available tailored to your needs.

Vision Taken Seriously

Our Commitment To Excellence…. Because we care about your eyes.


    It’s always good to see the same person when you visit your optician, so you are dealing with someone who knows about you and your eyes. At Mahdi Opticals our senior Optician who also owns the practice is always available to give you the opportunity to see him when you make an appointment and be reassured to know that there is an experienced professional on-hand to answer any questions you may have.


    We have all the necessary eye examination technology in-store. With expert handling and years of experience we can give you the best and accurate eye examination report available around.


    We believe everyone is special, and everyone is different. Recognising those two simple factors we place great emphasis on providing the very best customer service designed just for you. Our highly skilled team are eager to offer a level of service we would like to think you couldn’t get elsewhere!


    As you’d expect, we offer a wide range of high quality spectacle frames and lenses, contact lenses, prescription sunglasses, eye care treatments and accessories. These include luxury handmade frames from Italy and high quality brands such as Calvin Klein, Chloe, Ray Ban, Maui Jim, Emporio Armani, POLO, Police and many more. If you are looking for something special within a budget we can tailor your needs accordingly.

Create your style…

with a choice of quality designer frames.

It’s up to you to create your style with a choice of frame designs, colours and styles from high quality manufacturers which can be combined with your choice of lenses to create a truly bespoke pair of glasses which are made to your specific requirements.

So go ahead… create your style!

Prescription Sunglasses

allows you to enjoy the sun

We all know how important it is to protect our eyes in the sun. At Mahdi Opticals we have a number of sunglass options available all year round. From the very best and latest designs to more traditional options, we can advise you on the right prescription sunglasses for your needs.

Contact Lenses

freedom comes with choices

Don’t like wearing glasses? Why not try one of our range of contact lens options?

Dispel the myth that contact lenses are uncomfortable or difficult to wear! Today’s technological advancements have made contact lenses comfortable and easy to wear for almost any prescription. If you wear contact lenses we’re sure we can meet your needs. If you are new to contact lenses and would like to try them we can help.

Contact lenses are great for sport and a great alternative to wearing spectacles. Come and ask us for more advice on what contact lenses could do for you.

Eye Tests

Taking good care of your eyes is important in maintaining the health of your eyes and good quality vision.

At Mahdi Opticals, we pride ourselves on using the very best technology and equipment so that you can be completely confident that we can offer the most comprehensive and detailed health check on your eyes.

Your eyes are precious – book an appointment today, so we can help you protect your sight for the future.

Childrens Eyecare

Keeping it cool with the kids

It’s very important that children can see well, especially during the formative years.

At school if a child can’t see well there’s the danger they may get left behind academically. Regular annual eye exams ensure your child has the best opportunity to progress at school and in life.

At Mahdi Opticals, we place great emphasis on looking after children’s eyes.

Call in or phone for an appointment for you and your family eye care needs.