Visual quality, cosmetic appearance and wearing comfort, i.e. weight, must all be taken into account in the design of single vision lenses. Nowadays, higher refractive indices for both plastic and glass lenses together with advanced aspheric surface designs make it possible to produce flat, light lenses which provide even patients requiring high prescriptions with outstanding visual and wearing comfort.

At Mahdi Opticals we supply incredibly thin and flat lenses that no longer ‘bulge’ from frames so that the choice of frames is not restricted by the strength of your prescription. We routinely scan patient’s frames to provide lens thickness calculations from different suppliers and our lens menu includes premium and budget designs to suit all pockets.

At Mahdi Opticals, we also use several other lens manufacturers such as: Essilor, Nikon, Zeiss, BBGR and Hoya so that we can find the perfect lens for your requirements. Our highly qualified and experienced dispensing optician can provide detailed unbiased advice on the best single vision spectacle lenses to suit your prescription without obligation or pressure.