Do Blue Light Glasses Work?

Do Blue Light Glasses Work?

The past few months moving on from Covid-19 have been enough to give anyone the blues and as the world begins to open up again, things are starting to look brighter at long last.

But it hasn’t all been doom and gloom — while we’ve been stuck inside, luckily, our phones, laptops, tablets, and TVs have been there to keep us entertained & connected. Naturally, that means the amount of hours we spend looking at screens has increased and there has never been a better time to think about protecting your eyes from harmful blue light.

If you’re unfamiliar with blue light in general, it is all around us and the sun is the biggest source. Not to worry, it’s not all bad and research shows that it can be beneficial for boosting attention and mood during daylight hours. But some blue light (the blue-violet kind that’s emitted from digital screens) can contribute to eye strain which is where blue light glasses come in. If you’ve heard about them and asked yourself “do blue light glasses work?” 

Daily Blue Light Exposure

If you have a digital-based job, you probably stare at a computer screen or laptop all day, which means your eyes are working overtime. Even outside of working hours, harmful blue light is emitted from the screens on our smartphones, tablets and TVs, so it’s hard to switch off.

The average person consumes around 10 hours of screen time per day, so blue light glasses are well worth thinking about to ease the pressure on your eyes. They make long hours in front of a computer, gaming on a console or PC, or simply watching television less strenuous for your eyes.


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How Do They Help with Eye Strain?

Available in both non-prescriptive and prescriptive lenses, blue light glasses are designed to filter blue-violet light while allowing beneficial blue-turquoise light to pass through. Not only do blue light glasses help to relieve eye strain, dryness and irritation, they can also improve sleep quality — the dream pair of eyewear, basically!

Our range of blue light options are full of premium features to help with all of the above. These special lenses provide relief from digital eye strain and are great for digital reading due to their subtle magnification in the bottom parts of each lens which boosts your vision and makes screen time more enjoyable.


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Who Should Use Blue Light Glasses?

Our blue light glasses are available as non-prescription and prescription eyewear — so you can wear a pair at your desk even if you don’t need vision correction! But, if you do have a prescription, it’s easy to add it to blue light filtering lenses to customise your pair for your eyes only.

It really doesn’t matter whether you need glasses or not — If you use a smartphone, computer, video games console or love a good series, then blue light glasses are the way to go. Check out our selection and find your favourite frame, pick your blue light lenses, then give those eyes a well-earned rest.