No matter how great those new, perfectly–you, designer eyeglasses look, rocking a bifocal line, or switching back and forth between two pairs of glasses, can make you feel older. Progressive lenses give you a single, stylish solution so you can see clearly at all ranges: close, intermediate and far away.



As technology advances in progressive lenses, it becomes easier to adjust to wearing them and provides for more comfortable vision. Progressive technology continues to evolve to make the wearers visual experience increasingly better.

You simply adjust your head position to see three ranges of distance. Bring your head up to see far away; look straight ahead for mid-range vision and point your nose down to read or attend to close-up work, like texting. The key is to adjust your head position or point your nose to what you are looking at, not your eyes.





Like anything new, adjusting to progressives can be frustrating but don’t worry. Here are a few tips that’ll have you seeing clearly all the time at every distance, with one pair of glasses.

  • Resist the temptation to switch back and forth to your old glasses—this slows down the process of retraining your brain to focus through new lenses.
  • Wear your glasses high on your nose and close to your eyes to maximize the range of visibility through each lens.
  • Move your head, not your eyes. Point your nose directly at what you’d like to see and bring it into focus by moving your chin up or down.
  • Practice! Grab a magazine to read while watching TV. Going back and forth between the two is a great way to practice and to speed up your transition.


There are many types of progressive lenses depending on your vision needs.Thought your prescription limited your frame selection?

Progressive lenses fit in any frame just like single vision. Give us a call today to view your options.