See the Road Ahead with Night Driving Glasses

There’s nothing like cruisin’ in your car at sunset — tunes turned up, windows rolled down. We can already smell the fresh night air. The one thing we can do without? Headlight glare. Squinting and driving don’t mix so we put together a little guide to help you figure out what kind of glasses to wear while driving at night. 




What Are Night Driving Glasses

Not your average eyewear, these specially designed glasses feature heavily tinted yellow lenses. The bright colour is added to help you see more clearly in the dark but there’s a bit of a debate on whether or not this feature is actually helpful. 

Night driving glasses are nothing new, first arriving on the market over a decade ago as a vision solution to long night-time rides — but after years of research it’s been revealed that they aren’t as helpful as once thought. In fact, it’s been proven that their usage during driving can potentially do more harm than good!


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Why You Should Avoid Night Driving Glasses

Night driving glasses were designed with a heavy yellow tint to brighten your view and reduce hazardous glares.

However, using any kind of colour-tinted lenses can be dangerous while driving. Just think about how large of a role colour plays in your everyday driving experience — red, yellow and green traffic lights among many other signs and signals, are all designed to catch your attention and keep you safe.

If everything you see is tinted yellow, there’s a chance you may make a wrong decision at a stop light and potentially cause an accident. 


In Your Car, Driving At Night? Here Are Your Top Safety Tips | Metromile

What is the best way to drive at night?

Forget the standard yellow tinted night driving glasses — turns out anti-glare glasses are the best night vision glasses for driving.

Bonus points: anti-glare glasses are good for more than just driving at night. Our antiglare lenses are designed to keep your vision clear during both, night-time and daytime conditions.

Who doesn’t love a two-in-one? Take a look around the site to find the perfect frame that will suit you well not only on the road, but anywhere you go. Customise any one of our styles with an anti-glare lens and see the difference for yourself!