How to Keep Eyeglasses From Slipping Down Your Nose

Glasses Slide Down Nose

We can think of plenty of positives to wearing glasses (pretty much everything!) but if you insisted, one of our biggest pet peeves is when frames fall down your face. If you’ve ever had the problem or just can’t put your finger on how to keep eyeglasses from slipping down your nose now and then, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve all been there – you’re trying to eat a meal, read a book or do anything else that comes with slightly tilting your head and your eyewear just wouldn’t stay put. Before you know it, your glasses start slipping down and you’re forced to push them up every five seconds. But don’t worry, it is a common problem and understandably, considering all frames and face shapes are different.

But what is the solution? We’ve seen plenty of tips and tricks out there offering advice and while some work, most are just temporary fixes. The hair tie hack is probably the most popular and easy to try as, you know, who doesn’t have a hair scrunchy at home? Simply take two ties and wrap ‘em around the temple tips of your glasses until they’re tight. Then try your pair on and voila – more grip, right?


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How to Adjust Glasses to Keep from Slipping Down Nose

Next on the agenda are nose pads. Your nose is what holds your eyewear up at the bridge. Either choose frames with nose pads already part of the design or adding them yourself can be effective. If you do pick a pair without pads, though, another handy hack is to add wax or makeup where your glasses touch your skin to create extra traction.

As you’ve probably guessed, there are many things you can try to stop eyeglasses from slipping down your nose and we could go on. But a more reliable approach to solving the problem is to simply pick a pair that fits! It might sound obvious but measuring frame width is a good place to start when assessing the size you need (check our size guide for help) but, as we mentioned, all frames, face shapes and physical features are different.

Thinking about how to adjust glasses to keep them from slipping down your nose can also help — such as tightening the screws and hinges on your frame. At Mahdi Opticals, we’ve even got styles with adjustable nose pads. Therefore,  the possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing your next pair. Once you’ve found your fit, the only way is (keeping your glasses) up!