How To Choose A Frame That Fits


Lens Diameter:

Bridge Width:

Frame Depth: This is the vertical distance of the lens, from the top of the rim to the bottom of the lens or rim as shown on the above diagram.

Total Frame Width: This is another measurement to consider, as shown on the above diagram.

It is important to note, aside from two times the lens diameter plus the bridge width, the overall width is also dictated by factors such as the thickness of the rims and the lug sticking out. Normally 2-4mm

Temple Length:

There will be three standard numbers printed on one of the temples or the nose bridge, which make up the frame. 



In this example the lens is 52mm, Bridge Width is 18mm and the Temple Length is 145mm.

Therefore you can use this as a guideline by comparing them to your current own glasses.

However to obtain a good fitting frame we have included two more measurements on our website which will make it easier to understand and ensure a better and comfortable fit.