Are rectangular eyeglasses for you?

rectangle glasses frames

You won’t find an eye-wear style more timeless than the traditional shape of rectangle frames. A definite favourite amongst glasses wearers due to its versatility, rectangle specs provide the perfect mix of polished professionalism and modern geek chic.

Today’s rectangle glasses also boast contemporary details, such as bold shades and unconventional materials, for an added boost of fun and edginess.

We provide a breakdown of what these rectangular wonders entail and whether they’ll work for you.


What are rectangle glasses?

Eyeglasses in this conventional rectangular shape are wider than they are tall and showcase a fluid, streamlined construction of sharp angles and structured silhouettes.

While very clean and simple in shape, these classic glasses can add a powerful punch to your everyday look, depending on the particular style you select.


What are the different types of rectangular frames?

Clearly, you’ll find a wide array of rectangle shaped frames, ranging from sleek plastic styles to gleaming metal models.

If you prefer a more lightweight look, you’ll also find rectangular frames available in semi-rimless and rimless options as well.

In addition, rectangular frames provide an overall athletic aesthetic for sunglasses styles. Rectangle shaped sunnies will keep you looking cool while protecting your eyes from the sun’s rays and the elements, no matter how active your lifestyle.



Will rectangle-shaped eyeglasses suit my face shape?

The angular styling of rectangle eyeglasses are perfect for faces with rounded jawlines and soft facial features. Round, oval or even heart shaped faces with soft curves will enjoy the balance that rectangle frames provide.



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Does this sound like the perfect style for you?

Rectangle eyeglasses are a great starting point if you’re new to purchasing glasses. They’re also a fabulous choice for glasses wearers who are looking to expand their ever-growing collection of specs.

With your updated prescription in hand, you’re all set to shop for your new set of rectangle shaped eyeglasses.


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