Under the international standard, it is the obligation of any optician to provide you with a prescription. The optician will provide you with a thorough eye examination and is required by Law to provide you with a copy of your prescription for your own records at an extra fee if required. You are not under any obligation to purchase your glasses from your optician so do not feel pressured into doing so.

Due to the cost savings of the Internet, our prices are significantly lower than what you would find in local opticians. We keep our operating costs low by not renting expensive, prime location property or paying for the upkeep of expensive eye testing machinery in multiple stores. We also order all of our frames and lenses in bulk directly from the manufacturer, which allows us to pass on the savings to you, the customer.

Yes.  We understand that people can be apprehensive when buying prescription spectacles online.  Every order placed with us is inspected by a fully qualified Optician.  We take our products and our business reputation very seriously.

All outgoing prescription spectacles are thoroughly checked by our qualified Optician to ensure that they have been made to the required prescription and that they are of the highest quality. Although our prices are competitive, we only use the highest quality material.  All our lenses come with the internationally recognised CE mark of quality.

No, they may appear similar but your Contact Lens prescription is different to your glasses prescription and glasses made to this prescription would be incorrect.

No – as long as you have a current up-to-date prescription and you feel confident about entering the details into our ordering page, we don’t need to see a copy of it.  However you can upload it when placing an order or even email us a copy of your prescription for us to check for clarification, and we would kindly ask you to note this in the additional information box when ordering.

At Vision Eyewear we cannot fulfil the following orders whose prescription:

  • The combined SPH and CYL is above +/-8.00
  • The CYL is +/-4.00
  • If there is more than 5.00 Dioptres difference between the two eyes.

Call our Customer Care Team on +254 742 000 498 informing us of the error immediately, as we process orders rapidly. For this reason we ask you to please double check your prescription and shipping information before submitting your order.

We recommend your prescription to be no older than 2 years. Your recommended intervals between eye tests can vary depending on your age and health.

We have a team of qualified Opticians who are dedicated to check and authorise every single order of our customer. If the team comes across anything which they think is out of the ordinary or based on their experience looks incorrect, we will get in touch with you by email or phone and may ask you to confirm some of your prescription details. You are in safe hands.

The PD is the measurement of the distance between your eyes. It is used to set the center of the lenses in your glasses to align with the center of your eyes. Usually opticians will not include this with your prescription, so you can ask your optician for your PD measurement. We can also take this measurement from your existing glasses, you can also measure your own PD in millimeters by using a ruler and measuring the horizontal distance from the center of one pupil (black spot) to the other. Alternatively we can make your glasses using an average PD which has been provided by our appropriately qualified optician.

Use this prescription example and term definitions table to help solve the once confusing puzzle. Keep in mind, not all prescriptions will have these fields filled out