We offer hundreds of frame styles, and we are increasing and updating in-stock styles every month. We stock designer frames, private label generic eyeglasses frames which are high quality and trendy, yet can be bought at a low price. Our frames don’t just look, but feel good as well. They are durable and made of high quality materials.

Majority of our frames are made from Plastic, Metal Alloy, Memory Metal (Bendy), and Titanium which is allergy free. Nose pads are either Plastic or Silicone.

Yes, to do this just select “Buy Frame Only” on the product page.

Most local opticians will do minor adjustments normally for free or some may charge a small fee. We make sure your glasses are well aligned and straight before we post them to you therefore normally adjustments are not normally needed.

If the screw is missing, return your glasses to us and we will fix this for you and deliver them within a few days. If you have the screw, you can take them into an optician who may request a small fee to fix this for you.

Step 1 – Is to choose a similar size to a comfortable pair of glasses that you already have. All our frames have measurements of the lens size, the bridge width (DBL) and the temple length. You will be able to read these measurements off your present frames. They are always in millimetres. See below:


The shape of your face is the most important factor when choosing any frames. the list below will give you some ideas as to frame designs.

Round Faces – Rectangular frames would be most suitable.

Oval Faces – Most frames will suit this shape, size is the most point when deciding on frames.

Triangle Faces – Rectangular frames would be most suitable.

Square Faces – Oval shaped or Round Frames would be most suitable.

Rectangular Faces – Oval and Round Frames would be most suitable.