Browse our diverse collection of our own-brand glasses and designer glasses and sunglasses to find the pair you want. You can also refine your search on the left hand side to show you the products that match your requirements e.g. Gender, Price, Frame Shape, Frame Type, Frame Size, Frame Brand and much more.

Buying prescription glasses from Mahdi Opticals is very simple. You can buy your glasses in 4 steps with information clearly laid out to help you choose the right pair of prescription glasses.

Once you’ve selected your frame, you can then opt to buy the frame only or go ahead and buy the frame complete with your prescription lenses. You can now move on to customising your lenses.

Select the reason for needing the glasses e.g. is it for distance vision, reading. However if you are still unsure, speak to one of our qualified opticians on telephone number +254 742 000 498.

Now you need to enter your prescription. For help see understanding your prescription. If you are unsure about your prescription, speak to one of our qualified opticians on telephone number +254 742 000 498. When finished click on ‘CONTINUE’

Select your Lens Material of the lenses you require. Here you also get the choice of selecting how thin you want your lenses to be depending on your prescription.

You now choose the lens type you want from either transition, polarised or tinted. If this option is not needed then select ‘Not Required’ and move on.