The Advantages of Rimless Glasses

Choosing a new set of glasses can be a long experience. You have to look over hundreds of different styles and brands, as well as decide whether they are comfortable and suit your face in way that leaves you happy with the purchase. While there are obviously a number of designs out there, one of the most popular is rimless glasses, and these have a large number of advantages to them over other styles of glasses on the market. Read on to see why rimless glasses could be the perfect choice for you…


The first thing that most people notice about rimless glasses is that they look much stylish than most other framed glasses, especially if you like to wear a pair of glasses that is minimalist and doesn’t attract huge amounts of attention. The problem with regular glasses is that the frames are often dark in colour and therefore are extremely obvious against the skin, although there are some framed glasses that have just thin frames. Rimless glasses are the style of choice for the fashion conscious wearer at the moment, as exhibited by a number of high profile celebrities and fashion icons.

You might be thinking that fashions and styles go in and out of favour extremely quickly, so therefore it is pointless to try to keep up with the latest trends in the world of glasses. In most areas of fashion you would be correct – after all, a pair of jeans or a jacket that is fashionable today might be passé by tomorrow – but with glasses this is not the case. Rimless glasses have been fashionable for a number of years and their popularity does not look set to waver in the coming years either.

Another massive advantage to rimless glasses is that they are a lot less obstructive to vision, which can be especially useful to people in certain lines of work. For example, if you drive a lot then you will know the feeling of having a frame obstructing your vision and therefore meaning that you have to always double check before you manouvre. With rimless glasses you have no frames to obstruct your sight and it is the next best thing to wearing contact lenses if looking for unrestricted views. Unlike contact lenses though, they don’t involve poking your finger in your eye every morning and night!

The final advantage of rimless glasses is the amount of quality that they show, as of all the glasses they are the ones that require the most skill to make. This is especially true when it comes to the lenses within them: these have to have precise holes drilled into them in order to hold them in place, unlike regular glasses that have the lenses held in by the frame itself. This does lead to a slightly higher price than other types of glasses, but, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for!

In a world where people want to look good but also want to ensure that they are getting the best product for their money, rimless glasses are without doubt the way to go. They are sold in nearly all opticians and could be the perfect choice for you!