Our standard lenses are made from CR39 1.50 index material plastic material manufactured to International Standards. We offer high index lenses which are compressed plastic surface lenses suitable for moderate and high prescriptions and are available in 1.6, 1.67 and 1.74. All our Lenses are also supplied by the same companies who supply to other opticians e.g. BBGR, Essilor, Kodak and Nikon.

Yes. We do. We supply Flat-Top D28 Bifocals as our standard lens. However if you are currently wearing a round (R28) please include your request in the comments box before check out.

Varifocal lenses have three parts. The top part is normally used for seeing things at a distance and the prescription gradually increases towards the bottom of the lens which is used for reading. The middle part is normally used for looking at the computer or anything else at arms length e.g. looking at the dashboard of the car while driving. These are ideal for people who need use their glasses for distance, intermediate and near without the need of removing their glasses.

Yes we do. Due to the complexity involved in these lenses, it is essential you visit our store.

If you would like to place an order for progressive lenses, please call one of our opticians on +254 742 000 498.

There are many different kinds of varifocal lenses available in the market today. When you go to an optician you will be presented with 3 or more options before choosing your extras. Usually they refer to as Standard, Ultrawide or Superwide varifocals.

The difference between the three types is the central areas of the lens which provide clear vision when viewing through them. At Vision Eyewear we do not supply standard varifocals and only supply Ultrawide and Superwide varifocal as these lenses offer wider field of view and comfort.

We also only supply Freeform lenses that are digitally surfaced to offer enhanced field of vision at all distances. They have less distortion at the edge of the lens and the power of progression is more gradual when moving from distance to near when compared to traditional varifocals.

Advantages of having free form lenses for our customers:

  • Easier to get used to varifocals for both first time and existing wearers.
  • Enhanced field of vision at all distances.
  • Less distortion at the edge of the lens.

Yes. We do. You can have prescription sunglasses made up in any frame of your choice online (except some models). Simply choose your frame and choose the tint colour you require and select the tint to be either Light, Medium or Dark depending on how dark you want your sunglasses.